Day 19 – visiting family in Vancouver

29 Aug

We had a great dinner of BBQ salmon last night with family and Sammy and I had a wonderful sleep.
I’ve decided to get some Icebreaker socks and found a store reasonably close by in The Village at Park Royal. Maybe these merino wool socks will be the solution to my stinky feet. Wearing either running shoes or my motorcycle boots for many consecutive days, regardless of showering and washing my feet, has always been offensive to anyone traveling with me.


I’ve scheduled and oil and filter change this afternoon for the Subaru, we driven 6,300km since we left Kingston.

The Subaru has worked flawlessly although I’d like to discuss with a mechanic, the the computerized fuel injection software. As an economy feature the computer drastically reduces fuel when the throttle is reduced and on steep downhill mountain grades in lower gears it causes surging.
I was impressed with the knowledge and friendly treatment by all the staff at Specialty Motorcars at 1235 Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Apparently there is no simple modification or computer chip change to solve the surging. The newer models with a cvt transmission, combined with the paddle shifter simulating a downshift to a preset ratio, might be an improvement.

Our car seemed happy to get the full “Specialty” treatment.


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