Day 17 Libby MT to Twisp WA

27 Aug

We recommend this campground.

It is also handy to a huge grocery store staffed by friendly people and it also has a cafe with WiFi. Our night was reasonably quiet for a town with a highway; on one side is a cemetery but some noise from trains during the night.

We had a full western breakfast at the Antlers and stopped at Radio Shack to try to get a new 12v camera battery charger. No luck, but once again impressed with friendly and knowledgeable staff.
We have seen lots of Montana country and have a bit more to do this morning.

We passed through Idaho no problems, but blew a turn near Usk Washington and had to backtrack a bit to drive some of the Chewelah “motorcycle raceway” aka the Flowery Trail up to the ski resort. Awesome grades with high-speed potential corners, although signed at 35mph, and we saw a state trooper on patrol; as we passed head-on I noticed he was watching his radar screen. I enjoyed this paved highway two years ago and wanted to at least touch it again. Luckily for me this trooper wasn’t there when I was riding my Suzuki. It was our first navigational error so far this trip, Sammy is very tolerant of my road selection and with her map reading skills and my GPS routing we do very well together.
Some where “lost” we found this neat place for coffee.

We stopped in Republic just before the museum and Stonerose interpretive center closed so had a quick look.

About 8:00pm we stopped in Twisp at Idle A While motel and cabins. We had been driving west with sun directly in our eyes or in the shadows in the Cascade Mountains through some wilderness carefully watching for cattle, critters, corners. The few campsites we saw were very remote and we decided the trade-off of $ vs bears was worthwhile. Besides we both wanted a shower and we have minimized some of our costs by camping 6 nights already.

We drove through a few miles of recently burnt timber and damaged roads, the fire was a month ago and revenged after with torrential rains.


We hope to get an early start on the morning and we have about 5 more driving hours to Vancouver, of course plus stops.

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