Day 14 – cold & wet Montana

24 Aug

It is early Sunday morning here in Neihart and it is still raining. We have experienced cold temps and mist or rain for two days. We saw the sun last on Thursday afternoon. In some of the lowland farming areas they are running the irrigation pumps and sprinklers continuously in an attemp to use up some water and relieve the ditches to prevent flooding of roads and houses. But the fields can only hold so much water; the weather forecast has clearing tomorrow. Many of the roads we are traveling are vulnerable to slips and slides because of the steep slopes. We have already seen and avoided one nasty boulder. Hopefully we don’t get the Subaru stuck in a pull-off when trying to get pictures. I do most of the driving and we are both on full alert watching for wild animals, cattle when we are in an open range and now big rocks on the roadway which are inevitable. The last few days we are both happy to be driving the car and not riding the motorcycle.

First People’s Buffalo Jump has a very informative visitor’s center

and a driving loop to the top. Watch out for these

We met Calvin and Sheri a couple of days ago in Broadus and they invited us to stay with them in Browning; so we did. Wonderful generous people, we met their girls, their dogs and their horses.

Check out

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