Day 11 – Montana

21 Aug

Yesterday immediately after we crossed into Montana we were “welcomed” into the state by a red fox. We stopped in Wibaux at an intersection on hwy #7 and watched him hunker down and have a crap right in the middle of the road, and after finishing his bussiness scurried off into the long grass.

We both slept very well in Broadus, see map above, and will start the day with showers and clean clothes, how exciting. It’s a basic older motel not yet renovated but clean. The shower is awesome because it has the best softest water that I’ve experienced. Worth the drive to Belarus just for a shower.
We likely will spend about 3 days in Montana. The locals would say that “we are pulling a big circle,”
or taking a long trip. I want to show Sammy the Beartooth Pass which I rode both directions on my Vstrom solo trip in 2012.
As much as I would like to revisit Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, we just can’t fit everything into our route. My visit two years ago to such a spiritual place did change my life in a wonderful way; it’s probably best left as such an amazing memory of my solo ride.

Before following the Warrior Trail

to Little Bighorn Battlefield, aka Custer’s Last Stand, study up on your history to make it more worthwhile. Do some research on how negatively the white men impacted the Indian’s lifestyle. Learn about who broke the treaties and who stole the Black Hills from who. Be sure to see and appreciate the more recently effected red granite Indian Memorial and Warrior Markers.

Lots of scenery to see in the Cheyenne and Crow reserves.

Beautiful quiet paved road from Lodge Grass to Saint Xavier and on to Pryor; from there to Edgar be prepared for 15 miles is gravel road. Ok in the Subaru at about 35mph.

We are staying in Red Lodge at the Alpine Lodge, nicely renovated with modern fixtures and very clean; with all we need. Bikers welcome and Larry provided a good breakfast.
Great homestyle food for dinner at the Red Lodge Cafe.

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