Hamilton – homebound weather sucks

11 Jun

Yesterday we left Chatham in the late afternoon and enjoyed the backroads to Hamilton. Staying over and visiting with family here for the next two days seems like a better plan than riding in the rain. Leaving in the rain, knowing that we will have a wet ride all day homebound to Kingston just seems like a lousy way to complete a trip.

We saw lots of bikers going to Port Dover and we arrived back in Kingston in time for a later dinner on Friday the 13th. We rode well north of Toronto and got a chance to ride the short twisted Forks of the Credit road. We had perfect weather and it was a great ride home.

Our trip lasted 22 days and we rode 5,497 km by the odometer or 5,287 km by the gps. The error is largely attributed to my custom gearing; front 17 tooth and rear 43 tooth sprockets. It was Sam’s longest ride to date. It will take some time to sort everything out and I’ve yet to figure out how many pictures we have or how many lighthouse we saw.

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One Response to “Hamilton – homebound weather sucks”

  1. Shaun July 25, 2014 at 10:30 am #

    Was probably one of those bikes you passed heading to Port Dover. My first time. Was quite the experience. Can cross off my bucket list.

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