World’s smallest jump starter

10 Jun

We purchased one of these XP-3 personal power supply kits from the bike shop to have as an emergency unit. It can boost a large truck engine or charge most common electronic devices. It will be handy to have later this summer for our trip to Vancouver Island.

Check out The pack with all the attachments is smaller and lighter than a set of conventional booster cables so it will pack easily on bike trips with all the rest of our gear.

Obviously I have motel fever and too much time on my hands while waiting for the repairs. I’ve organized my rock collection, complete with nail polish coloured labels. Some are just rocks that will always provide great memories of the exact location, while others are minerals, chunks of natural copper, raw and polished agates and a few gemstones.
Thanks to Paul I even have a couple of tiny polished greenstone cabachons from his old collection taken many years ago from Isle Royale in Lake Superior, long before it became a national park with preservations restrictions.

The shop called me report the repairs are complete. WooHoo
We left Chatham, enjoyed a nice cross country mostly back road ride and arrived in Hamilton to join some family for dinner.

Bike runs great. In fact the bike really does run better than new. Since it was new the engine had a vibration at 3600 to 3800 rpm that was best avoided by selecting another gear and either getting the revs up or reduce them if I was just putzing along. I had discussed the issue with mechanics and forum members and it seemed to be a normal vibration considering the quirks of any large displacement V twin engine. I lived with it. Now I know that it could have been solved and probably should have been; but the old stator did last 144,000 km so obviously it was a good one. My trusty Vee ran 144,000 km and this was the first and only time that it developed a mechanical problem that affected my trip. With a battery boost it started and got me to a good Suzuki repair shop for repairs; I can’t complain, fortunately it didn’t strand me in the middle of nowhere.

I’m thrilled because the new stator apparently has a different balance and the engine no longer vibrates in the same way. No matter what gear I select or rpm I cannot duplicate the old dreaded vibration. It appears that the new stator just over all balances out all the other engine parts and my engine performs much smoother.

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