Customer Service

9 Jun

Anyone who isn’t sure what good customer service is should visit Bobs Motorsport and see his family members at work.
We’ve taken apart my Vee on the mechanic’s lift and have confirmed the problem and ordered all the necessary parts for the charging system as well as a couple small preventative maintenance things. They might even arrive tomorrow. My stator is burnt and it smells like an electrical fire. The magnets are all secure and the wiring plug connections all look clean and proper.


I guess the stator just gave up after all the mileage, so I can’t complain. The coolant leak plaguing us for our trip turns out to be a small “O” ring that had completely deteriorated. Hmmm that gives me concern about others. See #9 in the fiche picture.

Not much left of either “O” ring

Meanwhile we have been given their brand new 2014 Vstrom 1000 to demo and use as a loaner. So I’m pretty thrilled about Sammy and I being able to test ride and see some local sights.



We had a beautiful afternoon for a demo ride and stopped to take some pictures of the bike. I’ve not ridden such a clean motorcycle since mine was brand new.
My opinion of it’s characteristics is of course biased because I am used to riding my 2007 trusty beast fully loaded with gear. Sam missed our top case/backrest. Suzuki recommends a break in period of under 4000rpm for new bikes, so I didn’t have a chance to crack the throttle to see if Sam would slide off.

The overall handling is precise and solid; the brakes and front suspension are perfect for my riding style. Overall the bike just feels considerably more nimble. Seating is firm yet comfortable. I love the sound, a mix of my old Vstrom with a muffled much deeper rumble. The gearing and torque is superior to mine and it is very much easier to handle at slow speeds. On the open highway both bikes have lots of power, but the newly redesigned engine is smooth without any vibration and pulls much stronger at lower rpm. I do question why Suzuki designed it with a plastic covering in the fuel tank preventing most of us from using magnetic tank bags. Duh, what we they thinking. Hopefully they will tweak a few flaws in future productions. I think that the guts of this bike are perfectly suited to me. With some luggage modifications I’d ride this bike as it is on a long distance trip.

Thank you Bob for allowing us such a unique opportunity to test ride a new Vstrom. Considering the reliabilty of our bike and all the fun it’s given me, I expect our next bike could be a new 2015 Vstrom 1000.

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