Suzuki stator is kaput

7 Jun

We rode to Chatham and the motorcycle failed to start at the gas station where we filled up. We gladly accepted a battery boost from a friendly young woman and were able to get underway. A word of caution here to bikers to remember when boosting a MC battey with a car; do not run the car engine. Use only it’s battery, or the car’s high output alternater will damage the smaller MC battery. Any way we found our way to Bobs Motorsport Ltd, a Suzuki dealer. We needed to solve the problem knowing that we wouldn’t likely be able to ride much further. I know that we were lucky to get as far as we did this morning.


All the wonderful staff are family members.
While waiting we found this 2014 model for us to sit on.

Meanwhile our 2007 was in the shop.

The diagnosis is that our Suzuki stator (alternator/magneto kind of thingy) is dead. It is my first Vstrom breakdown in 144,400 km that has stopped it; so stranding us in Chatham. Although we left the shop running on a borrowed battey and with ours charged and in the sidecase as a backup spare. So we are ok to ride some short distances in town while waiting for repairs. Maybe we will do some laundry. Oh, whoppee!


Nice of our trusty bike to get us back into Canada, after almost two weeks of touring, through yesterdays major highway detours in Detroit and the hot delay and line-ups at customs. What a great machine it is. I’ve never owned a car that has gone so far without some sort of breakdown or flat tire.
In the line-up for customs to get from Detroit to Windsor the engine was certaily hot. Even with the coolant leak problems of the past weeks the engine never temperatures were controlled, at speed it was always the normal two bars, and only a couple times three bars for a short time. But the engine sure felt hot in between my legs in the line-up. My wife got off and walked beside. It prompted the customs officer to say “So he made you walk?” My research on the Stromtrooper forum leads me to believing that the heat probably contributed to the failure of my stator; but it is the original part. When Darrell gets it apart I might know for certain.

Obviously I do think very highly of the reliability of my Suzuki Vstrom.
With luck we can order the right parts on Monday morning and possibly even be on our way as soon as late Tuesday afternoon. Darrell the mechanic should also be able to fix the coolant leak. He suspects that the problem is just a simple “O” ring (#9 in microfiche) that leaks and that all the hoses should be fine.

Adventure Riding for me is all about the nice people that I meet along the way. Everyone that we have dealt with today, including Marjorie at the Comfort Inn, is so helpful that it reminds me of everyone that I met last summer in Newfoundland.

Here’s me doing a washinabucket of my favourite sweat wicking Horizons Unlimited T-shirt.

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