Sombra Ontario to Marine City Michigan

25 May

We crossed into the US over the St Clair river by ferry from Sombra to Marine City.

A beautiful day to ride and we met up with Jim at the Kalamazoo Microtel. Nice secure feeling to connect with a good friend. Last time I saw Jim, he was boarding the ferry to leave Placentia in Newfoundland.
My Suzuki has developed a slight leak in the cooling system, it has been leaking a little bit each time we stop. I removed the rad cap and added only about 50ml of antifreez to fill it up. Not much of a leak, hopefully it doesn’t get serious.
It’s very concerning to see green coolant on the side of cylinder along the gasket joining it to the main engine case, and a puddle on the ground.

Now, days later, we know it’s simply a hose connection to the forward cylinder the drips only when first parked.

It’s a nuisance to have to keep adding a small amount of coolant each day but the Susuki runs fine and I trust it to be fine to finish our trip. I’ve tightened the clamp about 1/4 turn but don’t want to torque it too tight and break it.

Sometimes it will suck coolant from the overflow bottle but I suspect that because it leaks it will also suck air in. I have to top up both the rad and the bottle. It leaks most when the engine is shut down quickly after a high speed highway section of our route.
A complete set of new hoses is my plan when I get home.

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