12 more sleeps

11 May

Then we leave for a three week ride, hugging some of the shoreline along lakes Michigan and Superior. Essentially a lighthouse tour by land.
I still have a few Vstrom maintenance things to get done before we leave, like a new chain and sprockets, new cush drive rubbers, new front brake pads and an oil and filter change. If you look closely you can see my sprockets are worn out. Most teeth are worn slightly irregular and the smaller front sproket has shark fins. But not bad for 54,000km.
It’s not a stock Suzuki setup because I prefer a17:43 ratio but these are genuine Suzuki parts; I use a use a DID premium X chain.
The stock original set lasted 33,000km, next setup got me home from Newfoundland barely and was completely worn out having gone 52,000km.



The cush drive rubbers have lasted 139,000km.

Obviously the inexpensive chain lube that I use works well.

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