Great riding in WV

4 May

Art and I left Kingston Thursday morning for a damp cold ride to the Finger Lakes in NY state.

The closer we got to WV, the better the weather and road conditions. Our Ontario roads are ravaged by the long cold winter and have potholes everywhere.

Romney’s Cycles are wonderful people, generous and welcoming. We’ve had 3 fantastic days of riding.




Some of the Ontario / Canadian riders after a great day enjoying some of the best twisted roads in West Virginia; Hwy #72 south east of Parsons is one perverted piece of asphalt.

Sunday night four of us are staying at the Cohoctan Valley Inn, NY. The owner Kim, is a perfect host and we highly recommend this as a very affordable place to stay, complete with high speed WiFi. Simple and basic but a pleasure thanks to Kim the owner. My bed is very comfortable and cozy, complete with cute little moose printed on the twin bed flannel sheets.
I can’t help but feel sorry for my roomie Jeff; the sweet aroma of my Sidi riding boots and stinky socks permeates the air. I’m sure Phil and Alex will get a full description in the morning.
The siren for the volunteer fire department went off at 4:22 am, and I’m glad Kim had warned us ahead of time. Otherwise the location is dead quiet with no traffic sounds at all, so it’s a great place to sleep.
We will all be home Monday.

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