Bancroft – lunch at the South Algonquin Eatery

13 Apr

The weather gods showed some unexpected kindness to the Road Toads today; I rode return from Kingston and didn’t have one drop of rain on my visor. I left this morning at 9:00am riding on wet roads and got home at 5:45pm and racked up 470km.  I must admit that the forecast did look a bit threatening and I’m not surprised some Stromtroopers wimped out; and yes there is a safety concern. But one mustn’t forget rule # one:  Any day is a good day for a motorcycle ride. 

Twelve riders showed up and the restaurant staff were great to us. We’ve always felt welcome there but this year the bridge is closed for construction and the town and barricaded the street to stop cars. WOW, we enjoyed our own barricaded parking lot right on the main street in front of the restaurant.  Thank you Bancroft; we’ll come back.

Guess who has a special talent for tank bag organizing?
I stopped at Long Lake to take some pictures of the frozen lake and a family cottage in the background.

Along the Desert Lake road there is some flooding, not too deep or serious and little or no current to wash away the road.

All in all, a pretty nice day. It was 22 degrees C when I got home.

Here are a few more of Long Lake





Not very spectacular, and taken only with my phone. But maybe interesting for those who don’t get there as often ad I do.


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