Ready to Ride

2 Apr

I just got a new multimeter; one of those necessary tools that makes playing in the garage even more fun. I finally got fed up with cheapies that aren’t reliable or crap out just when you are in the middle of a problem. So I decided to bite the bullet and spend some cash to get a good professional unit that is hopefully robust. I lucked out at a local electrical supply company where they were selling some display units at cost; so bought it for less than half price.

Last fall I removed the battery but it was stored in the cold garage, and a few days ago brought into the warm basement and put on the Deltran Junior battery tender.  Of course I wanted to check on my battery condition before installing.  The Vee started up perfectly. Hopefully I’ll get out in a day or so for a short ride.



It’s Thursday and I got for a ride. Not far, but it felt so great to crank the throttle. It’s been such long winter and finally it’s over.

Klein MM2000

One Response to “Ready to Ride”

  1. bikermissus April 2, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    I work in a calibration lab, so I get more excited than most people over a nice multimeter…haha. I LOVE Fluke, but they’re expensive. I’ve actually never seen a Klein meter, but their pressure gauges and torque wrenches seem like good quality. You’d be surprised at how many companies buy junky $20 meters at Canadian Tire and then spend $80 each year to get them calibrated.

    Enjoy your spring ride…we’re currently digging out from under 37cm of snow 😦

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