22 Dec

I think that our AWD Subaru with Nokia Hakkapeliitta snow tires gets excited about playing on the slippery roads; well at least I do. The pictures show a thick layer of ice but using a portable electric heater inside the car for about half an hour certainly helped to release the ice from the windows.  DSCF0028cr


We decided to clean the driveway this morning of the accumulation of granular snow and ice pellets before the weather man rains upon us and the soggy mess freezes into a solid mass.

The hedges in our backyard are suffering with a bad case of the droops because of the thick coating of ice. Some tree limbs in our neighbourhood have already broken off and if we get the predicted NE winds and more freezing rain we will have more power outages.  DSCF0018cr

We just been rescued by the city snow plow and I must say they are doing a good job of our court this winter.DSCF0032cr

On December 24th we are treated to the first sunshine in days and I can’t resist going outside to take some pictures.



On December 27 we had some fresh snow early and when the sun came out later our backyard was beautiful; if you don’t consider that our tall hedge will never be the same after being bent over by the weight of the ice.



Our bird feeder is getting lots of visit from the hungry birds. My “squirrel preventer” continues to thwart the hungry varmints and even though it’s iced up they don’t attempt to get to the feeder. The long aluminum reaching out pole has some cans and plastic bottles, like beads on a string, that rotate when a squirrel attempts to climb on. So just like rolling logs in the water that are impossible to walk on, the squirrels have quit eating our bird seed. They have tried to jump from the old dead tree to the hanging feeder but can’t quite fly the distance.

Squirrel Preventer

Squirrel Preventer


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