GPS-Central Photo Contest

10 Dec

By way of follow up to my November 8th post. I entered 10 pictures; 5 in the Road Tripper and 5 in the Get Lost categories.  Wow 5 made it through the staff selection and are available for the public to vote using social media Facebook.

Who cares the outcome, I’m happy to have some of my pictures appreciated.

My Fuji X10 camera has proved itself to be a very capable and it’s traveled with me coast to coast. I love the camera and we used it to take about 9,000 pictures. Unfortunately it’s now in the hands of Fuji. It was still working but seems to have an issue in the stabilization system noticeable when zooming the focussing ring.  I took it back recently to the local shop, Camera Kingston, where I bought it and it’s been shipped away. Hopefully for a warranty repair.

Update December 20th : Fuji replaced the complete camera lens under warranty; no charge even for shipping. The new lens must also have an improved design on/off switch because it feels very different and works much smother. My self and some others on the Fuji X series forum have been leary of this unusual switch design. I like it and it’s handy, it’s just unusual. Anyway, I’m thrilled with my camera and certainly happy with the Fuji warranty.

Note:  Thanks to all who voted for my pictures.

Now December 17 and the contest voting is over and as yet I don’t know who the winner is. Regardless of the outcome I’ve been spurned on to take more pictures and enter again. I happy that 5 of my pictures made it to Road Tripper category finals; 4 of them actually do have a road in the picture.  The 5th is the crane lift onto the first ship at the end of the road where I road began my adventure along the South coast of Newfoundland going from Bay L’Argent, Rencontre East, Pool’s Cove (then hwy 362 & 364) Hermitage/Sandyville, Galtois, McCallum, Francois,Grey River and to Burgeo. I’ll never forget the friendly crew members, the people that I met on the ships and the local hospitality. Special thanks to John and Ethel who fed me well and put me up overnight in Francois.

I got an email January 10th congratulating me that I had won 3rd place in the Road Trooper category and that a Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMT is being shipped to me.

Wow, a new state of the art GPS.


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