Copper Harbour – upper peninsula of Michigan

24 Nov

I’m planning a ride next summer along some of the shoreline of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Stopping at the many lighthouses is priority and finding as many scenic twisty roads as possible to ride that connect them is the challenge.

Copper Harbour seems like one of many interesting places to visit for it’s mining and shipping history. In doing some on-line research regarding geology to satisfy my interest and curiosity of collecting rocks and attempting to identify them , I stumbled upon the  unanswered question of the great copper heist. It’s amazing how my mind works when connected to the Google search engine. The Bronze age began about 3250BC

It might seem that about 3000 BC a large amount of copper was mined on Isle Royale, in Lake Superior, and became the raw material for the Bronze Age.

The pits on the island clearly show that copper was mined about 3000BC but where did it go and where was it used? Hmmm … it seems tough to imagine how so much copper turned up in Europe at the same time.  The Newberry tablets of Minoan origin are an obvious connection. Do we have proof?
I suppose now I’ve got some winter reading to do before to learn about plate tectonics, Keweenaw rift, volcanoes, geology and glaciers, but who would imagine that I needed to order this book through to read about the Minoans and Michigan copper trade.

Lost Empire of Atlantis


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