Garmin technical support

22 Nov

Don’t you just love it when you get a message like this ….


You seem to be lost.

Let us help you find your way.

Page not found.


Please Go to Our Shop Home Page  

Well that’s precisely where you end up if you enquire on-line about an old Garmin 12.

In the past with my Zumo and MapSource software I always had great service from the 1 800 800-1020 phone-in technical support line. But today when I called requesting help for a 13 year old Garmin 12 it seemed that maybe I’d just come through a time warp using my handheld device. The only support that they still offer to users with such old units is a suggestion to boot up using on+page to accomplish a master reset. They didn’t really even want to understand my problem and offered me a discount to buy a newer model.

Apparently I’m not the only person still using old reliable technology and I was able to download a free complete 66 page manual in pdf format from

As it turned out the screen contrast had accidentally been set so dark that I couldn’t see it to read it; because was basically all black.  I discovered eventually that by looking at the screen at a very acute angle, nearly flat to the screen, that I was able see well enough to navigate and access the settings and fix the problem.

I think that some of the Garmin products are made so well made that they may outlast the support staff. In all fairness to the customer service staff in Kansas that I’ve spoken to: Thanks for being friendly and speaking clear English, you must get requests from people with a large variety of user knowledge, attempting some very crazy things in bizarre locations all over the world.

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