Fuel Sabilizer

16 Nov

I’ve never had any problems in the spring starting my bike and it’s performance has never suffered because of storage. Each fall I use good quality Suzuki fuel stabilizer mixed with Shell V-Power premium gas. I run a few tanks through near the end of the year of good fuel; I think that Shell  has the best cleaning additives and no ethanol. I always give it a good ride with the stabilized fuel to be sure it completely through the entire system. Today was a sunny day so I figured the 100km ride was good for both of us. When I got home I topped up the tank from a jerrycan full of Shell with stabilizer and store it with the tank full.

I’ll change the oil and filter in the next few days and clean the bike and keep hoping for some more nice warm days to ride. I never know when I’m having my last ride until it’s over.  Most years I end up repeating this stabilizing process until the roads get salted and then I quit riding.   



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