Lake Michigan coastal ride

14 Nov

I’m already planning for one of our next summer’s rides even though the bike isn’t put away yet. Along with my friend Jim and our wives we will be riding together next May/June and touring along the some of the shoreline of Lake Michigan and some of  south coast of Lake Superior. We hope to see as many light houses as we can and visit some marine museums. There certainly are lots of shipwreck location to visit and history to learn.

I’m fascinated with the glacial land-forms that cover most of Michigan and Wisconsin. We’ll be riding through drumlin fields, moraines and we will get to see and hopefully recognize some kettle lakes, kames and eskers as we ride along. Years ago I took some aerial photography courses and one in particular concentrated on photographic interpretation of land-forms and terrain analysis using stereoscopes.

This light plane pilot has a better view of the features than we will from a motorcycle.

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