A taste of Newfounland

10 Nov

I had some maps spread out today to help with my photo sorting project and thought why not enjoy some coffee left over from my trip. I carried a homemade penny alchol stove and supplies of coffee, powdered creamer and sweetener on my trip this past summer and didn’t use up everything.


The Starbucks Ready Brew is very good. It’s instant and simply made using nothing more than a heat source, a pot for boiling water and my red mug. I can’t think why anyone would carry coffee beans or grounds and coffee making contraptions when travelling. I’ve met bicyclists and hikers who have to use human power to travel who will insist on lugging coffee makers stuffed into their already overloaded luggage bags. Did I mention all the coffee grinds that are (to use a Bill Bryson expression) “flung” about in campgrounds. What a pile of crap to carry the messy cleanup of grinds that have to be disposed.

I’m having to be ruthless with my selection of picture to enter into the GpsCentral contest. I’m interested in the Road Tripper and Get Lost/Innovator categories and  can only send in a total of 10 pictures. My favourites aren’t necessarily great technical exposures or artistic pictures but they do mean lots to me. Now that I’ve looked at some many and selected some of my best I’ve decided to post some “losers” so as not to have wasted all my time. These are a few that didn’t make it the cut.

These rattle snakes came out to meet me (probably for the first time from their winter nest) while I looked across the pass towards Badlands Wall in South Dakota. My heavy footsteps likely disturbed them; so I was happy that I was dressed in my tall motorcycle boots and crash gear.   Chief Big Foot and his band of 350 clamoured up this wall in freezing winter conditions during their week-long trek in an attempt to escape the pursuing cavalry and reach the Pine Ridge Agency for shelter and protection; during the darkness of December 23/24, 1890. Less than a week later, on December 29, nearly 200 of these people, including children, were slaughtered at Wounded Knee. For their part in the massacre at Cankpe Opi, 23 congressional medals of honour were awarded to members of the 7th cavalry. If you’re interested in learning more about the issue and the Pine Ridge Reservation follow this linky  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/08/pine-ridge/fuller-text


I always like the “thumbs up” picture that Austin took of me as we entered Kansas. Visible on the handlebar is my Zumo which has been my navigator allowing me to touch 42 states and 10 provinces. In this picture my RoadCrafter suit was very new and it now shows that I have done some serious riding.


This is my wife and best friend standing beside the Vstrom along the roadside in West Virginia on a cold October day. Not only does she ride with me in all kinds of weather and on all sorts of roads and surface conditions, but sometimes she even has to wait around as I take pictures. Patient, loving and supportive are descriptive words that come to mind.


Smoke from the forest fires in July 2012 in Labrador and Quebec was obscuring the sun and colouring the skies both at sunset and sunrise. The steep slope from the campground at Fleur-De-Lys down to the ocean was beautifully coloured orange as a result of fires 800km away.


The most scenic and probably best small campground in Newfoundland is Ocean View Campground at the end of a long road to Leading Tickles. We camped on the small grassy site right next to this black rocky beach. It’s too early for a normal sunset but is a result of all the smoke. Not a bad view, eh?


Along the beach near Point May NL on the Burin Peninsula from where you can see islands St-Pierre and Miquelon I picked up some interesting looking rocks that are now in a candle holder in our dinning room. I’m a bit anal about locating exactly with the SPOT or Zumo to add some order to my rock collection.


An interesting reflection of St Luke’s Anglican church in Newtown NL and some people-like rock creations close to the flag. Since it was built in 1869 there have been many pictures taken of it’s unique seaside setting in Bonavista Bay, many better than mine.


Sunset with an unusually calm sea condition of many miles of open unprotected water, with extra colour because of the forest fire smoke, at Cape St Mary’s Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland. I’m actually standing on the small federal light house property, somewhat delineated with an old fence that was a sheep enclosure. Technically, if you don’t mind the sheep, camping is allowed on federal lands; although not on the reserve. This picture is a favourite of mine but is actually quite boring because the ocean is so flat and eerily quite.



Today’s mission accomplished; I finished selecting and editing my 10 photos, along with some short write-ups and submitted to the contest by 9:00pm.


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  1. TheVeeBumbleBee November 19, 2013 at 12:54 am #

    Nice images! I especially like the last two!

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