Sorting pictures

9 Nov

I usually have my pictures reasonably well organized and from the time taken I can relate it to my gps records and figure out where any of my pictures are taken.  As long as my Fuji camera has the proper time set to agree with my Zumo gps then the files will relate.

Sometime I get a picture that stumps me, like this one taken with my phone one afternoon last July in Newfoundland. I took this picture someplace along hwy#362 northwest of Belleoram. From a distance it looks like a huge face with a very prominent eye and beak-like nose, it probably has a local name. It’s comparable to, but not as large as Iron Skull Rock. I’ve looked at GoogleEarth and it is the rock outcropping at N47°33.161′  W55°28.900′   Anyone know what it’s called?


I was curious when I stopped to take the picture and I still don’t know so if anyone knows some details about it please post your comments.


One Response to “Sorting pictures”

  1. Austin November 10, 2013 at 5:19 am #

    Seriously fine pictures that hint at the variety of country you’ve ridden thru the last couple of years. Fun.

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