GPS Central Photo Contest

8 Nov

There are only a few days left to enter the photo contest with GPS Central.

I’ve ordered all of my electronic toys from them and always found the staff helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately I’ve left it to the last few days, before the November 17th entry deadline, to sort and pick out a few of my best pictures to send in.  It’s ironical that I actually did take a few pictures that were  deliberately set up with my SPOT or Zumo clearly shown in the picture so that I could enter the contest. NOBLOPOMO has given me reason to reflect on some of the interesting and good things I’ve done recently. Now I will have to sort through my collection of thousands and probably do a bit of cropping or simple editing before I’m ready to submit.

I’ve got some pics like this one at Spotted Horse that mean so much to me but surely are not contest winners.



In the summer of 2012 my odometer turned over at 100,000km and I stopped to take a picture of the event. At the time I was riding solo north of Gillette on highway #14-16 in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and there was nothing to take a picture of. Truly nowhere … nothing … no one. Just me and my Vstrom on the side of the highway.  So I rode a few miles to Spotted Horse, in Campbell County, Wyoming to this location. A bar and a closed gas station is all there is; but what a great location for a photograph and memory of my ride out west.  For anyone who lives in a congested big noisy metropolis and might be feeling claustrophobic I suggest that you to go to Wyoming. Drive if you must, or better yet do it solo on a motorcycle. Wyoming is a big place. It’s called the land of the “big sky” for a reason. Or if you’re inclined find your way to the Bombing Range Road in Scenic, South Dakota; besure to keep your fuel tank topped up.

One Response to “GPS Central Photo Contest”

  1. TheVeeBumbleBee November 19, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    I lived in Wyoming for seven years! It is definitely desolate in many areas. Just like Nevada and HWY 50.

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