First in Canada you say …

7 Nov

My motorcycle ride yesterday piqued my interest in wollastonite.  The website for Canadian Wollastonite company who apparently owns the property that I stopped at says  “when it is fully developed, it will be the first active source of wollastonite production in Canada.”

Hmmm … I wonder what really happened in Saint-Ledger-de-Milot near Lac-Jean Quebec with the wollastonite mine and production facility. It was apparently built about 1997, then later refinanced in 2000 but closed later the same year; according to some public details that I can find for Orleans Resources Inc.  Was that project just another government financed project, under the banner of creating jobs, nothing more that a make work project scheme for the rich to get richer? Apparently made the first commercial shipment in 1998 but was closed only two years later. Not much real employment created there, eh? I seriously question claims “for many years to come” to be valid for this local proposal.

Maybe more readily available information might help to alleviate some of the local concerns with respect to a mine and production plant within the City of Kingston Limits.


One Response to “First in Canada you say …”

  1. Austin November 8, 2013 at 2:46 am #

    You’ve done it again. I just spent a couple hours internet searching for Wollastonite.

    After stuffing the little grey cells and wasting more time than I intended, here’s hoping a chance occurs to use this information in polite conversation.

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