Pleasant local ride

6 Nov

My wife and I enjoyed a ride today, not balmy she says, but at least we enjoyed comfortable temperatures of about 12° C.  Some of our local roads are always fun to ride and the best corners are familiar to me.  Riding Burnt Hills Road from Montreal Street ( aka Battersea Road ) east crosses the Rideau Canal via a one lane wooden decked bridge and ends at highway #15 at an interesting place.  We stopped to take a picture of a huge inukshuk at N44° 27′ 55.5″ and W76° 15′ 14.8″ along west side of hwy #15.


Want to know more about wollastonite?

We stopped to visit some friends are who are just about to head south to spend much of our Canadian winter living on their boat someplace in Florida. Our winter plans include staying in Ontario and shovelling or snow-blowing the snow that will continuously block our driveway.

Picture fresh snow, drifted knee filling most of your driveway and an insurmountable frozen bank of hard packed snow left behind by the snowplow. Feel the damp cold -15°C wind penetrating into your winter coat like sharp icicles.  Your snow-blower won’t start because the gas companies and government have colluded to add ethanol to the fuel with every intention of clogging up carburetors so we can live on a greener planet. Try to feel your numb fingers, frostbitten from adjusting the choke and pulling on the starter cord until it broke; your clumsy mitts, now soaked from the melting snow inside them when you dropped them, will offer little comfort now.  Even the best felt-pack Sorel winter boots won’t help much.  Now just think about that for a moment. Why would anyone want to go south?

Next week I’m getting my Nokia Hakkapeliitta, mounted on the winter rims, put onto our Subaru Impreza.  I’m sure that if more people drove with Hakkas they would have less reason to spend winter in Florida.  I’m excited. If it snows early I can play with the car and if November offer some sun and warmth as I expect, I’ve still got my Vstrom ready. Just in case I’ll be keeping my tank full with Shell Ultra (no ethanol) and mixed with good quality stabilizer. I’ll do an oil and filter just before storage.  When salt goes on the road that’s my cue to put the bike away.  The Suzuki aluminum frame wasn’t designed for play on salty roads.

One Response to “Pleasant local ride”

  1. bikermissus November 6, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    Your description of driveway clearing is all too accurate 😉

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