1 Nov

Writing a new post every day for the month of November might just be more like something that I can accomplish. I’ve wanted to write a book journaling some of the adventures that I’ve had while riding my Vstrom seriously all over North America, but I seem to lack the stick-to-it-ness. I doubt that I’m too lazy; it’s just that I don’t have a strong enough goal to motivate me to sit and write everyday with no end in sight. Now creating a blog entry daily for a month is do-able. NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month. So for those few of you that follow me I’ll be posting something everyday about motorcycling.

As I near the end of riding season I start to enjoy the planning season of where I’ll go next year. I usually spend about equal time planning and riding. So that means my desk and dining room table will probably once again be littered with maps for many months to come.

We’ve already committed ourselves to riding around Lakes Superior and Michigan in the early part of summer 2014 with another couple. This afternoon I’ve given some thought to organizing a get-together for some riding friends to meet up in West Virginia next summer to share costs of renting a cabin in the Monongahela National Forest Area. These two pictures show just how beautiful that West Virginia is to explore on a motorcycle. The rain-wetted, leaf-covered roads were a challenge during our recent October trip.




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