Brookside Inn – Aurora WV

17 Oct

Lodging, restaurant, bar and retreat. A step back in time into a spacious frame summer home built in 1899. Beautifully finished with some custom furniture made from lumber on the property, both the couch and table.

We arrived just as Michele the innkeeper was about to leave to enjoy a social evening out with friends. We’re the only guests and she quickly but graciously checked us in and left with her son in charge. He started a fire for us in the huge air-tight woodstove in the downstairs living area and made us welcome. We stayed in room 4. Checkout photos at and also checkout
We took over the living area by spreading out our wet riding gear and expect that It will be dry this morning. The weather forecast tells me that we will get it soaked again today. It’s shamefull to ride the twisties being gentle on the throttle, bit rainwetted roads covered with leaves offer poor unpredictable traction. The Vstrom has no abs brakes or traction conyrol system.
Instead of backtracking our route all the way west on hwy 50 to where we left off hwy 72 we will hopefully find our way along Stemple Ridge Road and Location Road and connect with hwy 72 near hwy 38 northwest of Parsons. Hopefully it’s all paved because we not keen on riding 2-up on a loaded Vstrom along rainsoaked dirt or gravel.


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