Nova Scotia

29 Jul

I had a great sleep stretched out on the floor of the ferry, comfy in my Aerostich hotel, and with a Marine Vision blanket. I slept better than some who paid dearly for a berth. This boat seems very new and in pristine condition. The bike spent the night below with about 10 others.



I met some serious riders from BC, hopefully Al and Paula will connect with me later on Ontario. They are towing a trailer for its first and last trip, I expect. The roads are bad enough without having a trailer bashing around behind.

Since I got off the ferry I’ve been riding in light rain on old worn out wet pavement. Of course I on the lesser traveled backroads. I’m fine with summer gloves, if the temperature stays warm I will probably just put on lots of mileage today. Visability sucks for the scenery but ok to see for riding. Glad I chose not to ride the Cape Breton Trail. The weather forecast along my proposed route looks wet for a few days. Not likely will I be tenting or putzing along taking pics. I sure hope the temps stay favourable.

I’m on WiFi in St Peters, Cape Breton, visitor center and hope to find breakfast soon.
Ahhh, food. Good liver and onions and served with WiFi. My stomach is happy and now so is SPOT with the new batteries from the hardware store across the road. Convenient for the batterires to crap out in a place to get new ones and just like the fuse that blew weeks ago. Things just keep happening right for me when I go stromabout.

Rain continued and got heavier and I bailed out in Derbert/Masstown NS just west of Truro for the night. Frightfully boring on the TCH 104 while I’m tired. It’s a small motel/gas station but across the road from what appears to be the bussiest market and cafe for miles.

It is now Tuesday morning, and I am well rested after a long quiet night. My RC suit and all of my riding geat is still damp, but it’s not raining out right now, just foggy.


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