Last day on The Rock

28 Jul

Hello Shannon, funny meeting up again. This time at the library WiFi in Stevenville.
I left Burgeo this morning with some blue sky, later along hey#480 the sun was out for some pictures.

It takes me some time to find a reasonably safe place along the road, and with a good surface for my kickstand so the Suzuki won’t blow over, and the I mess around setting up with both cameras to get a good shot.
I’ve skyped the ferry and changed my plans and will load late tonight.

So, because this is my last afternoon on The Rock, I contiued to explore to the ends of backroads to find a quirky place for dinner; Joe’s Place on the Codroy Valley.

I got to Port six Basque with about 2 hours to wait before loading. I have filled the fuel tank and cleaned all the lights and reflectors ready to ride once I get to Cape Breton. I’ve also repacked a bit to be ready for spending a comfy night in a reclining chair. It’s a small world ….. a couple from Kingston (Sun Riders) but in a car, have recognized me and we had some good laughs.

No doubt I will return to Newfoundland someday.

There are still many more places to explore in Newfoundland, more people to meet and stuff like theses to photograph.

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