They told me the ‘Newfoundland Sling’ was a drink with grenadine…

25 Jul


Leaving Francois early Friday morning on the 7:30 boat I took some pictures for Connie and Lena because their camera batteries are kaput.


The sling, the kind that i know of are the lifting straps, and the bike is fine and happily back on asphalt in Burgeo. Both days I had some feelings of discomfort. This morning, not far out to sea from Francois, I hurled my breakfast overboard and after felt much better. Sorry about that Ethel. Spot marked the location for me. I continued to Grey River outside on deck passing through narrow entrance.

Sick you might ask? No way, I was watching the horizon very closely for whales. That’s my story.


Good second breakfast; hopefully I keep this one.


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