24 Jul

Last night from the point I saw some whales blowing off in the distance and attempted to get a picture. Not so much.
I watched some weather and news last night, treated to the best TV reception that I’ve seen on this rock and than had a perfect sleep all bundled up in a blanket and thick lofty quilt. No AC needed in NL.
Presently is raining hard, and although there is no fog, I doubt that I will see any whales from the deck this morning. I’m in the library with good WiFi, it used to be CAP which is now mostly closed out.

Great day to putz around a bit and learn stuff.





Now I’be seen salmon which just came by truck this morning from St Albans getting pumped aboard to be taken by this boat to their new sea cage home. In 18 months I might eat this one back home.


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