Good Morning – Weli Keskuk

23 Jul

I woke up early and the black flies were waiting.

As expected Aubrey came early with some workers to now grass.
I had a first breakfast of granola and juice in my red cup but later  enjoyed bacon and eggs at Dashwood Diner

where I learned more about the First Nations People; specifically the People of the Dawn. Marilyn graciously spent some time with me and helped me plan a day’s worth of activity.

I’ve had 3 firsts this morning on this trip: having to wear my bug head net, a large hare crossed just in front of me while riding at highway speed, and an oops in the restaurant parking lot after breakfast as I was leaving. Just a minor tip-over, onto same starboard side as always. No damage and help to pickup the heavy bike. It appears that the SALLS needed re-calibration. The Suzuki Automatic Load Levelling System didn’t compensate for the extra weight of bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice and 2 cups of coffee. I’ve not been down since last summer in Saskatchewn.

I’ve been searching both for the words to desribe as well as a tangible reminder of how good my life is right now. Stan, who learned bone carving from his father, has just made specially for me such a touchstone to wear on my necklace. While I waited comfortably I’m the shade

Stan sliced, drilled an polished an oblong cross section of a moose antler and gave it to me as a gift. Thank you Stan Hill.
I’m now at this waterside Inn and was watching whales in the distance.


The weather forecast is very wet, but gets better for Thursday, so I’m going to stay put on this comfort, skip McCallum and leave Thursday for Francois.


One Response to “Good Morning – Weli Keskuk”

  1. windtogo July 25, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    Eesh bug hat. That looks unpleasant.

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