Bay D’Espoir

22 Jul

I’m awed by the open vastness of the barrens and the rock outcropings. I experimented with the Fuji and my polarizing filter to hopefully show the mares tail cloud formations, implying good weather. Meanwhile suffer with these phone pictures.
I’ve WiFi adequate to check mail but not upload pictures; courtesy of the Discovry Center and at Glen John, Arts and Crafts at Miawpukek First Nations, ( Conne River ). Mardina Joe thought that the gate should be open at the Pow Wow grounds and that I would be welcome to tent there.

The gate was open and I hesitated because I didn’t want to get locked in.

My Red mug returns to NL with my alchol penny stove and I get to enjoy coffee on this great campsite.

There were only a few people there and they all left about sundown and I tucked in for the night. Aubrey, who came to lock up, drove his pickup over to my tent about 10:00pm to check on me. He welcomed me and left me a gate key, just in case I needed to leave before he returns daily at 6:30am. Wow. I’m so well treated. I’m setup in the open air with no tent fly on the cut grass grounds, complete with a picnic table together with the Vstrom beside me under a roof. As if having this place all to myself isn’t good enough, there is now what appears to be a full moon that has just appeared over the tree tops and a perfectly clear sky.
Earlier I saw a sign for the Medicine Wheel Inn and was intrigued by the familiar native logo. Last July I was at the Medicine Wheel spiritual location on a remote mountair top in Wyoming at approximately 10,000ft. I’m not sure if I bored orl fascinated Mardina with my story and the pictures I showed her in my blog. It would appear that once again I’m still being watched over and helped on this adventure ride in Newfoundland. I’m overwhelmed. A simple confluence of circumstances doesn’t explain what continues to happen to me each day.
I’m very close to Mt Sylvester which is the highest in NL and I didn’t know the name until today I read about Sylvester at the center. I’ve camped in the Cypress Hills which I knew was the highest place between the Rockies and a mountain in NL.


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