Ferry Services

20 Jul

I was too tired yesterday to plan and comprehend the time of day and realize that of course Transportation offices would be closed on weekends. The schedules are complicated on-line, not daily and subject to change and imposible to work with on my small phone screen. I was hoping to speak on the phone to the ferry services and get advice as to the most practicle choice. I’ve some of the schedule printed on paper thanks to Jim who is always so well organized; I need him riding with me to help with logistics.


I’ll ask the hotel to print them all on paper for me. I may have boxed myself in here in Harbour Breton on a weekend. Unfortunately I have to vacate this hotel regardless, no latter than Monday morning as there will be no vacancies, but the rain should end today so my tent will be fine. I am a bit spoiled now in a nice large room with space to spread out.
There is the Iron Skull folk music festival closeby in Belleoram, hence the hotel being full. As soon as I figure out my ferry plans, and the rain stops, I’d like to ride over.
As it turns out, and depending upon your perspective, the government is trying to impose a re-settlement plan onto the residents of Francois, hence there is ferry service only on Thursdays, according to the locals. Anyone sick in Francois apparently gets taken out by a long-liner fishing boat of it can be arranged. The schedules clearly imply otherwise. Quite obviously there must be some politics in this government run ferry service and re-settlement issue; most of which I am humbly ignorant.
So my route leaving from McCallum through Francois and on to Grey River must be on Thursday. Therefore I need to leave Hermitage Wednesday on a ferry and I’ll sleep in McCallum someplace to be ready to board the only weekly boat westbound at some time presently unknown to me.
Meanwhile I’ve got time to explore much of this peninsula and maybe some world class music. The rain stopped an hour ago but as evident in this picture, taken from the hotel parking lot, there is plenty of fog to hamper my riding.
The rain seemed over so I went out to ride in the “slow” fog. So thick sometimes it’s a tough decision to keep going or risk getting smucked from behind. Not much traffic and I didn’t see any moose. Wonderful chance to take some interesting pictures.

I’ve been to the ferry dock in Hermitage and have a couple of options to spend Tuesday night closeby in Sandyville. On the way back to my hotel room in Harbour Breton I was able to get up to speed inbetween fog patches; lucky because I beat the GPS eta time and made the grocery store 5 minutes before I knew it would close. All round a fun day. It seems that the NL rock brings out the best in both flowers and the people.


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