Harbour Breton

19 Jul

I’ve been able, without a reservation, to get a very nice room that’s available for 3 nights, which hopefully will give me a chance to explore here and plan the next leg of boats. Expensive sleeping but the wet forecast sucks for my tent. If I get some groceries and take full advantage of the Southern Port Hotel then I can save some money. The supplied electric kettle and toaster work well together with Foodland just a short walk away. This location is very convenient. I’ve still not got all the required boats and schedules clear in my brain, I may just go early Sunday morning and not worry that some boats don’t go to some places daily. I’ve come to know that the local homegrown NL people as well as the imports will all gladly help me if I get stranded overnight in an outport. Keeping camera batteries charged is now my only concern because my cheapo plugin inverter is kaput, but my phone camera works well, as you see because those are the only pics that I can post.
Sam, the Starbucks “ready brew” instant that you gave me is fantastic. No one should travel or camp without it. I watched some bicyclists campimg, who were messing around with with their coffee making equipment and dirty grounds and am so glad I have my Starbucks.
Thanks also to Judy who initiated me to “ready brew” so that I can enjoy great coffee without having to wait until I get back to the High Wheeler Cafe in Baddeck when I pass through Cape Breton on my way homebound. When are you going to ride with me again? The plan is simple ha ha; just get to North Sydney in Cape Breton and ride the rest of the home with me.

I covered the bike and walked to Foodland in the rain in my Aerostich Roadcrafter suit and once again thought how much I love my suit. Even though it is sometimes grossly stinking hot, it does protects me from all the elements, has pockets for most everything of real value that I want to carry, makes a great pad for afternoon naps in bear country, has good knee and elbow pads well soiled from me getting comfortable to hold the camera steady, and as proven does protect me when I have a get-off. Together with my high Sidi On-Road boots I’m got to go in South Dakota badlands snake country.




I had a Mary Brown chicken wrap for lunch at 2:30 did a quick tour around town and found a store to buy a cold single Smirnoff lemonade and enjoyed it back in my room. I then immediately fell asleep for a nap. I had been up since 5:00am and was wasted.

Check out my new Leathman Skeletool, that I bought a few days ago in St Johns, which just performed its first real function. Thanks Mike for the recomendation. It rides well and safely clipped in my pants pocket.


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