South Coast of Bays – ships

17 Jul

The weather is changing for the first time in weeks and I hoping to travel the south coast from Bay L’Argeny to Burgeo largely by ship when I have good visability. Hmm… it’s chalenging as well to plan dry tent sites. Any way I’ll be leaving Thursday morning and hope to load a boat Friday morning. I expect to loose my ability to find WiFi to do posting. It’s somewhat intimidating riding solo, but I sure to find helpful people.
When I left this morning Mike was on his bicyle with it’s surffboard rack on the way to the beach. Staying with has been fantastic, I made a new friend and learned much about life in a shed. Thanks Mike, you a perfect host and welcome to visit me in Kinston anytime.

Well today, Thursday turned out to be downright ugly, cold, rainy and seriously gusty. First time since ridig near the four corners in the US that I’ve been tossed around so violently by the winds; and today with heavy rain. I can’t really complain as this makes up for all the warm sunny days. I now checked into an inexpensive motel (Trailside Motel) near Goobies about 2:00pm and have about 1.5 hours to ride in the morning to the boat. Not my original plan but fine and better than roadside tenting in the wet. Great staff and with a restaurant and bar downstairs; and WiFi

Fuel tank is full and I’ll get some rest to make up for last night and be good to go about 6:00am to ensure lots of time to get loaded. It’s a first come first served boat, I’m told no reservations.


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