Oil change

16 Jul

I “went to town” today (local speak for going to St Johns even though it’s a 2 hour drive) to the Toy Box for an oil and filter change. Thanks Keith also for the suggestion to visit the Down Home store at 303 Water St to get NL stickers.


The shop is well setup and I had good service and wasted no time waiting.
After grocery shopping at the Dominion store in CBS, local speak for Conception Bay South, I rode the shore road around this peninsula through Old Perlican and back Mike’s, so completing my loop. It was a long day and I finished just as the sun was setting which made for some great pictures. Because it was about 9:00pm when I arrived Mike said that he was worried, but probably about his stomach because I had promised to supply dinner. We had bbq steaks, grilled vegies and boiled potatoes in the “shed” warmed by a fire in the woodstove. Apparently it’s not called a garage in NL. A wonderful end to any day. Tammy you should have joined us.
I’ve now finished riding along the shore or at least to many of the outports of this beautiful scenic province. For the record, as awesome as this geography is, the Newfoundland people are even nicer. What’s left for my adventure-ride is the south shore to Burgeo. Most of it will be by suply ship; there are no roll-on roll-off ferries so the Vstrom will have to be crane lifted aboard. Mike, a rigger, has given me some good suggestions and graciously a pair of short rated webbing lifting straps to suppliment mine. All I need to do is carefully read the details of the boat schedule, get my head organized and leave the comfort of Mike’s and plan the next few nights of camping. But first another easy day close by and check out some museums and revisit some locations I missed last night for some photos.
For new readers, I, Stromtrooper inmate 568V8 visited the west coast of NL inJuly 2011 and we took over 4000 picures of our Gulf of St Lawrence ride, many can be found in the Windtogo Photobucket account. As fellow Vstrommer in Georgia, Rodney says “Mr Google is your friend.”


One Response to “Oil change”

  1. Tammy Perry July 17, 2013 at 1:53 pm #

    I sure wish I could have joined you guys – sigh. Rain cheque!

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