Newfoundland hospitality

14 Jul

I met up with Mike (skibum69) on highway 80 at New Melbourne. My ignition key points the way.

We had connected months ago but not made any plans. I’ll stay at his house for a few days to catch up and do so relaxing, and “go to town” to get a oil change. On the beach tonight his friend and neighbour Lynn gave me a just cooked lobster for my dinner. I’m awed by my good luck and wonderful hospitality.


Mike’s fridge is well stocked with wonderful imported beer to make dinner great.
I’ve taken a day (Monday) off and haven’t riden anywhere. This is a great place to relax, I did walk to the beach to see if I could find a rock. Along the way spent some time visiting the neighbours in their garage. Everyone has tables and chairs set up so it seems to the place to hang out in NL. Tomorrow I will “go to town” to get an oil change and pick up my glasses and try to get some pics from Signal Hill. A few days ago with Jim we were fogged out.


2 Responses to “Newfoundland hospitality”

  1. aratingarides July 16, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    So, I pull into the Conception Bay South Dominion parking lot and see a fully loaded V-Strom in the parking lot. While rolling down the isle I see the obvious rider of said V-Strom, picking out a somewhat large load of groceries. I say “how you going to fit all that in a v-strom?” He said – you would be surprised. After a bit of chatter I asked where he was going, he said he was visiting a friend in New Melbourne. I said “Oh, you are visiting Mike!”.

    Nice to meet you Gord, I hope you enjoy the New Melbourne hospitality at Chez Skibum. Wish I could go! Darn job.

    ’08 KLR 650

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