Shore Road hwy #100

13 Jul

Awsome road, we love it.


Salmon trap.


The cataracts.


Lunch of moose stew and space for me to camp latter tonight. We didn’t have the time needed for Jim to visit the gannet colony. First things first, it’s important to get Jim to his ferry leaving from Placentia.


After I left Jim at the ferry terminal I rode back to Cape St. Mary ecological reserve. I was extremely fortunate to get a rare chance to take pictures in the light of a sun setting over a calm ocean with a tiny new moon just visible in the background of the light house.

One of the long time visitor center staff and as well a local, said that he has never seen the sea so calm. I lucked out big time !

The light house itself and the open but fenced sheep enclosure is on federal property, so technically I could have camped here with the wandering sheep. They would probably appreciate me there to fend off their new predator, Mr Coyote.  Most of the point is the reserve which is leased from the government and is otherwise seriously restricted.  These are unedited pictures and I picked the best of many taken this evening to post. All my pictures this evening were taken using my Fuji X10 and with the aid of handy fence posts to keep steady instead of a tripod, as well all were done with the timer set to trip the shutter so as not do jiggle the camera when pressing the button.  I should thank Camera Kingston and specially Darren Kelly of for some photography tips.

Cape St Mary's  NL

Cape St Mary’s NL


light on

light on


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