Burin Peninsula and to St Johns

11 Jul

Thanks to my son Taylor who helped me with my blog; without you I might still be still be under my ludite rock. These pics, which involved a couple of U-turns and precariously balanced kickstand parking along the highway, are for you. Thanks for being a great son and always helping me with techie issues.




At Point May in the distance we can see France; the 2 islands look like dark spots of fog or cloud in this picture. WooHoo, it’s as close as we’ll get.

Earlier in the morning we found the Provincial Seaman’s Museum which was the 1967 Expo Yugoslavia pavilion and relocated to Grand Bank by barge.


Someplace along the Heritage Way we passed into another time zone and met this provincial archives family.

This great map is helpful to see our NL adventure ride that began in the summer of 2011 going around the entire coastline of the Gulf of the St Lawrence.

After a long ride we’re in St Johns in Dave’s real house (not a tent) for 2 nights, and Doug had some cold ones for us in the fridge and meat for our BBQ dinner.

Thank You Doug!

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