Canadian Grand Prix Formula 1 – Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

12 Jun

My cousin Dave took me to the F1 race as a birthday gift. Perfect weather and track conditions made for a “Great Day for Motorcar Racing.”  We got close up to see many of the Ferrari and Porsche race cars and some vintage Austin Healeys did a parade lap.


We watched the F1 cars entering and exiting the hairpin turn from behind the twin safety fences. Although we were only about 15 meters from the track the crazy speeds make it comparable to watching bullets at a shooting range and tough for me to photograph. Over a short distance of about 300 meters we saw glimpses of them as they slowed from 250 km going into the corner to 50km in the turn and then wind up accelerating out of the exit into the beginning of the straight away. Being at the corner entry braking point is a great place to smell the abuse that the brake pads and rotors must endure for the duration of a race. The cars entered the corner from our right and we saw just a flash as they passed by, and then across the track we saw them exiting and heard the engines under extreme loads. Both these cars and drivers have to be tough and operate at the max for 90 minutes.  The sound was absolutely amazing and impossible to describe as the drivers paddle shifted down from high gear into 1st gear for the corner. I had no idea that piston engines could make such a noise.  Dave & I started watching motorsports together as young boys with our fathers and we’ve heard lots of racing engines. We have watched boat races and saw Bob Hayward in Miss Supertest and watched Stirling Moss at his debut at Mosport.  My sound recordings are much better then my pictures. After 70 laps and a race lasting 1 hour and 32 minute the top 3 cars were within 16 seconds. The winner was Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel


Dave buys a new hat from 2 eager sales girls; and is soon to be upstaged by someone with a bigger one. Personally I think that the conventional baseball hat looks best on Dave.


IMAG0058eNear the end of the long day we were both getting a bit tired, we had left Kingston at 5:00am to drive to Montreal and spent most of the day wandering around, usually standing and viewing the track from different locations.



DSCF8807eEven race cars have error codes that need computers to solve the problems.

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