Skyline Drive

11 May

Judy rode with me all day on Friday; her first time ever on a motorcycle.


Considering that we may have slightly exceeded the restricted speed limit once or twice,  she is fearless and was great to have along. Oh my, it’s just so easy to get confused with engine rpm, which is the best gear, miles, kilometers and speed limits;  but doubling or tripling the yellow suggestions in the corners does make for a fun ride. Of course I do have concerns about safety and generally ride conservatively and I seem to be lucky, hoping that any cops with radar are only setup on straightaways and not in the corners.


We met up with Sam and Laura in Front Royal. It had been a long day for us all; we ended the day in rain and lightning at dusk in limited visibility. Dangerous conditions for riding in deer country; and we saw many. As Bilbo Baggins would say: “adventures make one late for dinner.”

I’ve been on the BRP with my motorcycle on four separate trips and have now ridden the entire length of it as well as the Skyline Drive; some part a few times.  I took over 1200 picture since I left Kingston and I’m way behind with photo editing and posting a few, without Rodney’s help. Without his help I’m struggling to remember how to create and post a linky file from y SPOT that should produce a map of my ride. So I gave up, took a picture of my computer screen and posted the picture. We old grey haired luddites are resourceful.





We loaded up the bike onto the trailer and drove back to Kingston on Saturday. The trailer worked fine and we had no problems other than occasionally dragging a chain of bumping the hitch in driveways and parking lots. The fully loaded Subaru Impreza with 4 adults and luggage along with the bike and trailer worked fine. On a couple of the long steep grades on hwy #81 in Pennsylvania it lugged and slowed in 5th gear with the cruise control on, but was fine in 4th gear. The car seems to have plenty of power although our fuel consumption increased.   DSCF7507



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