Bent Mountain Lodge VA

11 May

Wow, Thursday and my first day to ride with warm temperatures, sun and no rain. I was comfortable with only a sweat-wicking jersey and all the vents open in my RoadCrafter suit.

I had spent some time today off the main road to explore and take pictures. I went under the BRP and followed Air Bellows Gap Road, some gravel at the start but west of the parkway it’s paved. My plan had been to ride into Stone Mountain State Park but I decided that the narrow gravel roads and trails aren’t the best place to go solo on a loaded Vstrom. I expect that exploring the trails and pathways in a small group on mountain bicycles would be an great experience. I was told by one of the locals that the only people that drive in are hunters.




This one of my favourite caution signs along the parkway and at mile marker 235 is a typical section of beautiful stone walls.


I arrived at the B&B in Copper Hill VA in the late in afternoon and spent some time relaxing on the sunny deck. Later my family arrived and I was able to get a picture, from the deck, of them driving up the gravel driveway with the BRP close-by in the background.


This place is awesome and has so many comfortable places to sit and relax and feel right at home It’s a shame that we are only staying overnight. Bonnie & Jesse are very professional hosts and animal lovers with friendly cats, dogs and horses.



One Response to “Bent Mountain Lodge VA”

  1. Bonnie Lawrence May 17, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

    We enjoyed having you all here at Bent Mountain Lodge and the Animals, especially the horses loved the attention. You all were wonderful guest and we hope to have you here again. The picture of our horse is beautiful, it looks as if she smiled for you!

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