Laurel Springs NC

8 May

Rodney and I left Asheville this morning and at the north/south fork in the BRP we parted. I had a cold misty trip along the parkway in fog and mist too thick to see very far; but I rode anyway and eventually it cleared. Weather at 6000 ft elevation along the parkway can change very quickly.  I understand that by the time he got home to the Atlanta he had thoroughly tested his new Olympia AST jacket and was pleased with his purchase. Having followed him in some extreme weather conditions I was very impressed with the visibility of the Olympia high-viz colour and reflective material in comparison to his old gray and black jacket.


I followed Rodney’s suggested Diamond Back Loop in clearing weather, near Little Switzerland and enjoyed lunch at the cafe.

Mayberry Trading Post, old post office building built 1892. between mile posts 180-181

Mayberry Trading Post, old post office building built 1892. between mile posts 180-181

Mabry Mill  at BRP milepost 176

Mabry Mill
at BRP milepost 176

After the fog I though that maybe I’d passed through a time warp until I stopped at Lump Overlook and learned that there was an antique Ford car MAFCA  national rally of about 200 going southbound on the parkway.



Only a short ride west of the BRP and I stumbled ( with help from my gps) onto the  B& B.  I waffled on quitting my ride for the day early because the weather was reasonably bright and I was enjoying the sunshine for the first time in a few days.


It was an easy day for me of only about 275km and I’m about a day ahead of schedule to meet up with my family, but I’m certain to find some great winding roads to enjoy tomorrow.  I know that Pam was very busy having just hosted a lunch for 75 and was trying to take advantage of the improved weather to garden and prepare for an upcoming weekend wedding. I sure that she must have felt hesitant to be bothered by a solo motorcyclist as a customer; but I experienced only her open personality and genuine warmth.  Even before I had finished unloading the bike it started to rain. So, all round a good decision to stay here. Where else could I have stopped and been so spoiled by offers of cold drinks, coffee and snacks in the in such a beautiful farm house. Pam & Ed are wonderful hosts and expended so much hospitality to me so that I felt like their friend. Enjoying dinner and an evening of conversation with them and their neighbours was great. Admittedly our conversations with mixed  accents including Appalachian Mountain, Georgian and my Canajun eh, challenged us all. What a riot, I really lucked out. My wife will be jealous that I’m staying here overnight without her. I’ve enjoyed my stays at B&Bs all over on my trips but never felt so comfortable.

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