Mt Mitchell NC – Blue Ridge Parkway

7 May

This is ride day three for us, without Rodney’s numbering of the planned gps routes we wouldn’t know what day it is. I’ve ridden much of the Blue Ridge Parkway before but due to road closures have never made it to Mt Mitchell until today. This time riding together has been a blast. We have been on backroads littered with debris from wind damaged trees; and splashed through rivulettes flowing across the pavement together with mud and gravel from the heavy rains. Complete with fog and condensation inside my visor, sometimes I’ve felt that the only way through the corners was to “let the force be my guide.” We have no pictures of the high speed highway sections of our trip or the way-too-close lightning.
Adventure Touring complete with plenty of stops and heavy rain has put us way behind of Rodney’s detailed plans. His Sport Biking background and my much slower paced riding style fit only because he has slowed down from his regular speeds.  But we do have hundreds of pictures with the Fugi X10 and many miles of GoPro helmet-cam video, and some great memories. We end up riding into the dusk to complete each day; even though we aborted some of today’s route and took a direct way back to our motel in Asheville. I know he was disappointed that we didn’t get into Virginia.
Wednesday morning we split; he has a long day’s to return home and I’ll continue solo northbound and be able to pickup some of our missed route.


Shady Valley TN    hwy US-421

Shady Valley TN
hwy US-421

food and fuel available

food and fuel available


Finger DCIM100GOPRO Lunch MtMitchellRoadOpen ShadyDog DCIM100GOPRO


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