Great Smoky Mountains

17 Apr

I’ve planned a return trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in early May. If all goes according to plans I’ll be trailering south to Topsail Beach area in North Carolina and then riding for a week. My Vstrom has enjoyed some great adventures but has never before been loaded onto a trailer. Hopefully all goes well.

Once I’m riding I’ll try to find some lesser travelled roads for crossing North and South Carolina but I expect that Warwoman Road riding westbound to Clayton Georgia will start my adventure properly. I’ve connected with another Stromtrooper forum member (Rodney) and we’ll meet up and ride together for a few days. Georgia is his playground so he’s already got some interesting routes planned for us.


About a week later I’ll be finishing my ride northbound on the Blue Ridge Parkway to it’s end. Hopefully I’ll be able to find and re-connect with some of my family, and of course the car and trailer, so that we can drive home together.


One Response to “Great Smoky Mountains”

  1. theRands April 18, 2013 at 5:00 am #

    That’s one of the best riding roads anywhere. I suggest riding from the end of Warwoman Road (which is just wonderfully scary near the intersection with 28) north on 28 to Highlands, NC. Then you can go back a different route to Clayton. Sweet roads.

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