Sidi riding boots – now better than new

6 Feb

My Sidi On Road Gore-tex riding boots have been resoled and are now better than new. Thanks to Rodney, my new Vibram #148 Kletterlift soles will probably last for many more adventure riding miles.

Sidi & new Vibram soles

I decided to get flat soles in order to have more traction area and additional stiffness under my foot, on the foot pegs. Custom repairs and modifications are no problem for Rodney and he says that Sidi boot soles like mine can be easily cut off and new ones glued on.  He cut off the old worn rubber tread, built up the arch, and using  soles in stock finished the job in a week. I’m pleased with the $70 repair job and I recommend his business to others.

The upper boot leathers are still in good condition but the soles had worn down prematurely and I thought, that before I slip and fall down, I should either replace the boots or get them repaired.  After 4 seasons and over 90,000km I guess that I can’t really complain  to Sidi;  the rubber on my boots far outlasts a few sets of Tourance tires on my Vstrom.

old Sidi worn soles


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