Life aboard Palatine

13 Aug

I enjoyed a relaxing day, even got a short affternoon nap, on the boat. We stayed at the dock and completed a couple of maintenance chores.
As I napped Bill fitted some shiny new bling to the bow.

As usual I ate well, Bill is a good chef.

Normal life when I finaly get home will require me to make some adjusting. I’ve been priveleged to be able to have this adventure.


One Response to “Life aboard Palatine”

  1. victoracuity August 14, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Hmmm … you may need to mend some fences when you get home, or perhaps even before. You wrote that your return to normal life would take some adjusting, a statement that followed the comment that Bill is a good chef. By implication, home cooking is … ?

    Thanks for clarifying how you got the bike onto Palatine.

    Keep well!

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