Wawa Ontario

9 Aug

I left Neys Provincial Park this morning late after sleeping in. The beach was an extraordinary photo opp.

There is more than one goose in town, I thought Taylor might this one hanging in the Wawa visitor’s center.


One Response to “Wawa Ontario”

  1. victoracuity August 9, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    Sun on the beach! What a beautiful photo — congratulations. And sheesh, you’ve made it around Superior already.

    FYI, big news in Ottawa these days is the expense that owners of big boats will face trying to get their boats out of waterways where the water level is very low because of the drought. As you’ll no doubt realise, the issue is not so much the low water as it is the bottom of the waterway getting closer to the surface! (In some mysterious way, those things may be related.)

    The good news is that Curiosity did not land in water on Mars, I wonder if they planned for that contingency and waterproofed the rover?

    Have a good ride!

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