Lake Superior

7 Aug

After leaving Ely MN  …

I had an hour gravel detour on MN hyw #1; shortly I crested a hill and got a scenic view of Lakelp Superior.


Now I’m in Ontario on the last leg of this awesome adventure.
Tenting at KOA very close to Terry Fox memorial. The overlook is breathtaking, a fitting location for him.


Breakfast in Thunder Bay

comes complete with a hug from Denise.


on the beach at Nets Provincial Park where I tented.

2 Responses to “Lake Superior”

  1. victoracuity August 7, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    You saw the big bear in BC; soon you can see the big goose in Wawa.

    Are you doing the 2-day dash from Thunder Bay to Kingston, or are you taking the scenic route — you know, the one through Kapuskasing, or the one through Porcupine? Route 11 through Kapuskasing will take you around to North Bay, but it’s longer (as if that matters), far more remote, and probably has lots of relatives of your bear friend from BC.

    On a whole other topic, there are now great photos from orbit of Curiosity’s landing site on Mars, including Curiosity itself, the ejected heat shield, the parachute and capsule remnant, and the sky crane. If we can see all this stuff from orbit around Mars, how come I can’t see you on Google maps? Wave, why don’tcha?

    Have a good ride!

    • windtogo August 7, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

      No dash. People to visit in Thessalon, Bracebridge.

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