Windy North Dakota into Manitoba

4 Aug

Fimally a change to cool weather,15 to 19 degrees for about 400 km. Wow, I actually put on some
unused layers to stay warm. Austin, the gloves you gave to me are still riding.
I saw a lot of wetlands near Devils Lake ND. It was dark overcast most of my day but not much rain.

The Pembina river and gorge was a disappointment, but the road signs were good. I love this sign, it says very simply how I travel. My family knows all about my backroad shortcuts and the Road Toads think that my GPS has a gravel glitch. Considering last summer’s ride and this one, between St Anthony NL and Vancouver BC, I should win the contest for how to get there the ” Scenic Backway.”

I spent about 2 hours at the Pembina Thresermen’s Museum that’s located midway between Morden & Winkler Manitoba; and I’ve taken many pics of old farm equipment. An awesome collection of steam, kerosene, gas and diesel tractors maintained by a huge team of volunteers.



You will have to guess what this is?

I’m staying overnight in Morden and apparemntly missed “Bruce” by about 80 million years.



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